Children’s Apple Spin Ride

Big D's Ranch & Amusements offers discounts to Communities, Home Owner Associations, Churches, and Local Charities. The discount applies only to a carnival style set up at your location in Northern Virginia. We bring our carnival style ride set up to your HOA Common Area, Neighborhood Center, Neighborhood Park, Church Common Area, and Place of Work. Call us today for details.

(4 hour minimum)

Apple Spin Childrens Ride Northern Virginia

By the time the Apples begin to slow, the giggles and laughter are still building, eyes rolling and ears ringing. Each Apple can seat up to 5 adults or up to 8 kids. They are big, they are beautiful and man are they fast. You'll feel yourself being forced back in the seat by the "G's" created as you spin the ride yourself. The only power consumed is by the electric brakes!

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